About us

About us

Who We Are

We are Motorola Solutions Platinum Reseller and Service Center for Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Our company is located in Bucharest/Romania having branches throughout the country and in Republic of Moldova. 

We have also a traditional strong cooperation with American International Radio Inc., an international distributor center, located in Chicago/USA which distributes Motorola Solutions products and services to locations all over the world through a network of associated and independent dealerships.

Reliable Communications in Critical Moments:

33 years of experience

Platinum reseller Motorola Solutions

Service Center Motorola Solutions

We operate in Romania and Moldova

Well trained engineers

We offer the best quality technology

What We Do

On our effort to satisfy today’s complex operational needs, we serve our customers in three interdependent areas of communication market: distribution of communications technology and services, systems integration and public operating services. 

We are fully dedicated to providing products, systems and services and specialised land mobile radio, wireless data as well as wire communications. 

We have a wide range of customers, including industrial, commercial, agriculture, construction, public safety, mining, petroleum and transportation companies and utilities.

How We Do It

Our management, factory trained engineers and customer service representatives listen and dedicate themselves to truly understanding the customers’ needs.

We strive to achieve our fundamental goal of TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by providing to our customers what they want, where they want it, with top-quality and innovative tehnology.

Reliable Communications in Critical Moments

Our solutions are suitable for

Humanitarian and International Organizations

Army, Police and Special Forces

Public Safety and Mission Critical Organizations

Industry, Utilities Companies

Transportation, Railroads, Airoports & Harbours

Security & Government Institutions

Solutions for the Integration of Radiocommunication Systems

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