BIRD 43 – Bird’s Famous Portable Analog Wattmeter

The Bird Model 43 is a portable, insertion-type instrument designed to measure forward and reflected  power in coaxial transmission lines. It gives accurate RF power flow readings under any load conditions. The wattmeter is comprised of a direct-reading 3 scale meter housed in a rugged, corrosion-resistant aluminum case.The frequency range and power range are determined by low-cost plug-in elements sold separately.

Frequency range: 

  • 450kHz to 2,7GHz (depending on elements)

Features included:

  • Measures 100mW to 10kW using Bird plug-in elements
  • Includes a 30 microampere meter with scales of  25, 50 and 100 unit calibration to permit full scale direct power reading
  • High accuracy
  • Available with N or UHF Quick-Change connectors
  • Light weight – easy to carry 
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