DM2600 – Digital communications at an affordable cost

As part of the MOTOTRBO family of radios, the DM2600 has a B&W alphanumeric display and menu navigation keypad, providing a flexible user interface, advanced operation and a medium set of features.

Frequency range: 

  • VHF (136-174MHz)
  • UHF (403-470MHz)

Features included:

  • 160 Channels Capacity 
  • B&W Display – 132 x 36 pixels
  • Digital and Analog Operation 
  • Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/25 kHz – on analog channels) 
  • 4 programmable buttons
  • MOTOTRBO Signaling System (on digital channels) and MDC1200, Select 5 (on analog channels) 
  • Enhanced Signaling Features (Radio Check, Radio Disable/Enable, Contact List, PTT-ID Display, Text Messaging Transmit/Receive) 
  • Basic and Privacy
  • Enhanced Privacy (license based option)
  • Intelligent Audio (automatic volume adjustment depending on surrounding noise level) 
  • Voice announcement of channel change and feature activation 
  • Lone Worker 
  • Channel Scan (including between analog and digital channels) 
  • Operates in Dual-Capacity Direct Mode
  • Operates in IP Site Connect Systems
  • Can operate in Capacity Plus Single-Site and Capacity Plus Multi-Site Systems (license based option)
  • IP54 Environmental Protection 
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