Transportable Multi-Unit Charger

Transportable Multi-Unit Charger

The Transportable Multi-Unit Charger consists of a suitcase containing (in the standard version) 10 single-unit chargers, an accessory storage space and a portable radios storage space. There are versions for any types of Motorola Solutions portable radios (MOTOTRBO, TETRA). Optionally, variants can be made with a different number of chargers, with or without storage space for accessories, etc.

Power is supplied from a 220Vac socket, using the included power cord. Optionally, variants can be made with 12Vdc power supply (using a power cable plug plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle) or with dual power supply (220Vac or 12Vdc), depending on needs.

Features included (in standard version):

  • Maximum number of individual chargers: 10 
  • Storage space for accessories (spare batteries, audio accessories, etc.) 
  • Power supply: 220Vac 
  • Optional power options: 12Vdc or dual power supply
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