GAI-Tronics ITA2000A


GAI-Tronics ITA2000A – Tone Remote Adapter

The ITA2000A Tone Remote Adapter uses a digital signal processor to ensure highly accurate and fast tone decoding and audio filtering. It allows a tone remote deskset to control a radio station from a remote location through dedicated, leased telephone lines or in-house wiring. The ITA2000A decodes standard EIA tone keying sequences.

Features include: 

  • Multiple Parallel Tone Deskset Support 
  • 16 Channel Control 
  • Selectable Guard Tone Keying (2175 Hz default) 
  • Adjustable Receive Input and Transmit Output Levels
  • 2 or 4-Wire Operation 
  • Full Duplex Capability 
  • Selectable I/O Logic Control 
  • Supervisor Control 
  • Scanning Control Feature (requires a radio with channel steering capability) 
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