LINX System


LINX is a broadband push-to-talk (PTT) communication system developed by the American company SafeMobile that can be used either as a subscription service (LINX On Cloud) or as a client-owned system (LINX On Premise). It is used to extend two-way radio communication to smartphones, tablets, PC and specialized equipment. LINX allows you to communicate on any 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi networks by using talkgroup and private calls, text messaging, video, photo and file sharing, GPS location, mapping and tracking, etc.

LINX provides security features like Emergency Alarms and Calls, Lone Worker, Man Down, Remote User Check, User Disable/Enable, etc. Using the “LINX Bridge” application allows to connect LINX to MOTOTRBO and TETRA radio systems for unified communication between PTT and radio users.

LINX has the following components:

  • LINX Mobile Application – turns Android and iOS smartphones into PTT handsets
  • LINX Dispatch Application – allows powerful dispatch features from any Windows PC 
  • LINX Provisioning System – web-based centralized management of users and talkgroups. All corresponding settings are automatically loaded/programmed “over-the-air” into the PTT devices
  • LINX Bridge – optional device that allows LMR integration with MOTOTRBO and TETRA radio systems
  • Specialized, rugged devices that allow PTT communication in any harsh environmental conditions and additional features.  Please, contact us for additional information.
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