MTM5000 Series


The MTM5000 Series TETRA DMO Gateway/Repeater mobile radios provide extended coverage, exceptional audio performance and advanced data connectivity to address current and future critical communication needs of professional users. The MTM5000 series includes high power modes and the Gateway Repeater functionality features required by end users in areas of limited coverage. It includes 2 radio models: MTM5400 – the standard model, available in 4 versions: Dash / Desk Mount, Remote Mount, Motorcycle Mount and Databox and MTM5500 – the enhanced model, available in 2 versions: Remote Mount and Databox. MTM5500 has multiple remote mount control head capability, with Ethernet connections between the radio and the control heads of up to 40m. Besides the standard control head it can also use a telephone style control head (including a mix of heads).

Frequency range:

  • 380-430MHz
  • 410-470MHz

Features included:

  • MTM5400 available in 4 configurations: Dash/Desk Mount, Remote Mount, Motorcycle Mount and Databox
  • MTM5500 available in 2 configurations: Remote Mount and Databox
  • TX Power: 10W (class 2), 5.6W (class 2L), 3W (class 3) 
  • Half-Duplex/Full-Duplex Operation
  • Group, Private and Phone Calls 
  • Short Data Service – SDS
  • Packet data service (including multislot – optional)
  • Air Encryption TEA1, TEA2 or TEA3 (optional)
  • E2E Encryption – hardware or SIM based (optional) 
  • Fast access to the radio functions
  • A fully graphical, informative and easy to read VGA display (640×480 pixels, 65k colors) 
  • Back-lit Alphanumeric Keypad
  • GNSS Receiver Included (optional activation)
  • Protection: IP67 for the Motorcycle Control Head, IP54 for all the others 
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 to +60°C
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