The new MXP600 TETRA portables have outstanding features and use innovative technologies allowing operation in critical situations at an unprecedented level. Besides having a transmit power of 2.8W (allowing extended radio coverage, including the DMO mode), they use an adaptive multi-microphone beamforming technology for enhanced ambient noise suppression. Also, the internal loudspeaker can operate as a microphone to minimize wind noise. By using a SMA antenna connector, the antenna can be changed as needed – including the use as a mobile radio by an available complete car-kit. Also, their 2.2W audio power allows efficient use in noisy environments. Their small dimensions (120 x 54 x 25mm), the extended operating temperature range (-30 la +70 ⁰C) and compliance with the MIL810 C-H standards completes the feature set of these radios.

Frequency range:

  • 350-470 MHz

Features included:

  • TX power: 1W (class 4), 1.8W (class 3L) or 2.8W (class 3 – license based option)
  • Half-duplex/Full Duplex Operation
  • Group, Private and Phone Calls
  • Full Keypad (illuminated)
  • Short Data Service (SDS), Packet Data Service (including multislot – license based option), PEI Interface
  • Security Services: Mutual Authentication, Air Encryption (TEA1, 2, 3), End-to-End Encryption (license based option), Bluetooth Encryption
  • Fast access to the radio functions
  • A fully graphical, informative and easy to read 2.4” color display
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • GNSS Receiver (GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo) Included (license based options)
  • Location Accuracy: 1.2m (using GPS + Galileo)
  • Indoor Location (using Bluetooth beacons)
  • IP68 Protection – Submersible 2m for 2h
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 to +70°C
  • Battery Life: up to 30h (using the 3400mAh battery)
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