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Integrator of Radiocommunication Systems

With our efforts to meet today’s complex operating needs, we serve our customers in three interrelated areas of the communications market: service distribution and communications technology, system integration and public operating services. We are fully dedicated in providing products, systems and services related to land mobile radio stations, wireless data transmission as well as wired communication products. We have a wide variety of clients: industrial, commercial, agriculture, construction, public safety, mining, oil and transportation companies and utilities.

Systems implementation

With extensive experience in designing complex communications systems, our engineers are ready to assist you as you choose the right system for your organization.


We crossed borders to install systems in other countries! AGEXIMCO is involved in radio communication projects in other countries such as


AGEXIMCO, in its capacity as a Motorola Service Center, performs service on the entire range of Motorola products delivered. You can also conclude maintenance and service contracts, tailored to the specific needs of your radio communication system.

Solutions for the Integration of Radiocommunication Systems

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