System Design

System Design

Integrator of Radiocommunication Systems

Based on their extensive experience in designing complex two-way radio systems, our engineers are ready to assist you in choosing the most suitable system for your organization.

From single-site systems to multi-zone systems, from individual remote control operators to large dispatch centres, using multiple communication channels and dealing with voice and data transmissions, we are able to recommend you the best alternative, at a profitable price.

Our solutions are

Suitable for:

01. Public Safety and Mission Critical Organizations

02. Army 

03. Police

04. Special Authorities

05. Special Forces

06. Security

07. Government Institutions

08. Humanitarian and International Organizations

09. Utilities Companies

10. Transportation

11. Railroads 

12. Airoports

13. Harbours

14. Public Transportation and Taxi

15. Agriculture

16. Entertainment and Showbiz 

17. Industry

18. Small Business

19. Rural Communications

Solutions for the Integration of Radiocommunication Systems

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