Coordination is essential in working teams’ management. It can be done using either direct voice communication or modern group radiocommunication systems. The ideal solution for such radio systems is full-duplex communication, in which all team members are in permanent audio contact and the communication is hands-free based (using VOX).
VOKKERO Guardian solution is based on such portable terminals, using free frequencies (based on ETSI regulations) and providing a coverage of up to 1km (in free space). The communication is AES128 encrypted and cannot be heard by other users of the same radio channel.
The radios are waterproof and the Li-Polymer battery has a 12 hours life. The radios are configured by using the docking station, the solution allowing the use of more radio channels in the same location, allowing the operation manager to communicate independently to several groups (teams).
The audio communication has a very high quality, the embedded ambient noise filter allowing to communicate in very noisy environments.
There are three types of radio terminals:
• VOKKERO Guardian – the standard type for general use (normal work teams, mobile teams, construction fields, noisy industrial activities, rescue teams, different events, exhibitions, etc.).
• VOKKERO Guardian Plus – enhanced audio quality type for movie, television and theater use
• VOKKERO Guardian ATEX – for use in explosive environments (oil/gas, chemical plants, fire fighters, etc.)
A very reach range of accessories provides optimal communication for each type of use: noisy environments or quiet ones (whisper), normal or explosive ones (ATEX accessories), Bluetooth connectivity (option) to Bluetooth accessories or to the mobile phone, etc.

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