Wave PTX Mobile Application


Wave PTX Mobile Application is a free software that can be installed on Android and iOS smartphones (available on Google Play and App Store) and turns them into Wave PTX handhelds. It can be used in two modes:

  • “Radio Mode” – offers the look and feeling of a two-way radio
  • “Standard Mode” – offers full PTT client features

The application can also run in background, allowing to use the smartphone without missing incoming PTT calls.

Its features include:

  • Real-Time Presence (Offline, Available, Do Not Disturb)
  • PTT Calls – talkgroup and private calls
  • Text Messaging
  • Multimedia Messaging – video, photo, audio, files
  • GPS Location, Mapping and Tracking, including Geofencing
  • Streaming Video (optional) – send live video to dispatchers, other users or talkgroups

If used, the “SafeGuard Package” adds operational and security features, like:

  • Emergency Alerts and Calls
  • Remote User Check
  • User Disable/Enable
  • Ambient Listening
  • Discreet Listening
  • Location-Based Temporary Groups
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