X10DR (Extender) is a wireless speaker-microphone solution for remote control of a mobile radio (any type), produced by the American company Wireless Pacific. The solution includes the wireless speaker-microphone unit (X10DR) and the connection & battery charger unit (X-Ponder), connected to the mobile radio. X10DR provides user’s radio connectivity when leaving the vehicle equipped with a mobile radio, up to a distance of 500m. Compared to the alternative of using a portable radio, X10DR provides a cheaper solution and a better radio coverage (the mobile radio having a greater TX power and a better antenna than a portable one).

​Currently, the second generation of X10DR is manufactured, which includes 3 versions:

  • Classic – version similar to the first generation, intended to be used in existing old systems
  • Pro – is the current standard version, intended to be used in new systems
  • Elite – top grade version, having IP67 rating (submersible) and additional features

The following can be done with X10DR Classic:

  • Maximum user-vehicle distance: 350m
  • Voice calls (on the current radio channel)
  • Emergency mode trigger
  • Connection of multiple pairs of X10DR + X-Ponder to the same radio (using a junction box)
  • Earpiece connection (3.5mm jack) 
  • Voice encryption (64 bit keys)
  • Battery life: more than 24 hours
  • Battery charging: using the X-Ponder or (optional) using single or 6-way desktop chargers

Additional features of X10DR Pro (as compared to X10DR Classic):

  • Maximum user-vehicle distance: 500m
  • On/Off button (for preserving battery)
  • Local “talkaround” calls between the X10DR units connected to the same radio
  • “Find Me” feature – triggered by momentarily double pressing the front panel button on the X-Ponder in order to sound an alarm tone from the paired secure microphone X10DR to aid in quickly locating the user or device
  • Hirose headset audio port
  • Better performance antenna

Additional features of X10DR Elite (as compared to X10DR Pro):

  • 128 bit AES encryption
  • Enhanced emergency operation
  • Dual microphone operation (using the same X-Ponder – without a junction box, additional X-Ponder & its antenna)
  • Dual radio (or radio + LTE/PTT smartphone) control
  • 8W audio X-Ponder output for Public Address operation
  • IP67 rating (submersible – 1m for 30 minutes)
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