The Real Time Location System (RTLS) solution protects people by providing real-time information about their location when in need and giving rescuers a tool for quick response. Users benefits from a unique platform combining indoor and outdoor positioning with the solution’s automated emergency alarm handling.

The Real Time Location System integrates several technologies in one solution:

  • Bluetooth for indoor positioning
  • GPS positioning when outside building
  • Support for SmartPhones, DMR and TETRA radios as well as GSM panic alarm devices
  • Integrated with the ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge

Indoor Positioning

Locates employees using any always discoverable Bluetooth device, including DMR & TETRA radios, Android SmartPhones and the ZONITH Bluetooth ID Badge. ZONITH’s RTLS provides real-time location data using strategically placed ZONITH Bluetooth Beacons/Receivers connected to the buildings LAN.

Outdoor Positioning

ZONITH’s RTLS locates and tracks employees outdoors via their GPS-enabled device, regularly transmitting its current GPS position to the RTLS server. Outdoor areas requiring monitoring are configured using customisable GPS geo-fences, displaying the users current location within that geo-fence.
Should an address be required the RTLS can provide this as well using online maps.
For organisations having no access to maps on the Internet, offline maps can be provided too.

Combined Positioning

By combining Bluetooth and GPS technology, staff can be located from any position in or around a facility. When leaving the Bluetooth area and going outdoors, staff handsets will seamlessly switch to GPS.
Customers are not bound to a specific brand of handheld device; they can switch or add GPS/Bluetooth devices at any time.

Workers’ safety can be further enhanced by using RTLS in combination with:

  • ZONITH Alarm Control System (ACS)
  • “Lone-Worker” portable device feature
  • “Man-Down” portable device feature
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