Dimetra Express



Dimetra Express is a Motorola digital trunking system, 100% compliant with the TETRA standard, designed for small systems but offering high featured network management components.

Dimetra Express is modular and scalable. This means: 

  • IP-based configuration 
  • Scalable to any size of system, from 1 to 20 RF sites
  • Centralized architecture concept 
  • IP based inter-site connections

Dimetra Express has the following structure: 

  • The Master Site Equipment 
  • The RF Site Equipment 

The Master Site Equipment:

  • Server Based 
  • Available as Standalone Server or integrated in MTS2 or MTS4 Base Station 
  • Includes Telephone Interconnect Gateway for up to 2 VoIP phone lines (optional, up to 30 lines)
  • Includes (optional) Packet Data Gateway 
  • Includes (optional) gateway to up to 4 analog lines
  • Includes (optional) Authentication and Air Interface Encryption (TEA1, 2, 3)
  • Operating Temperature Range (standalone server): -40 to +75°C 

The RF Site Equipment 

  • Consists of three types of Base Stations:
    • MTS1 (one TETRA carrier) – up to 2 can be used per site
    • MTS2 (up to 2 carriers) 
    • MTS4 (up to 4 or 8 carriers) 
  • Up to 10W or 25W RF Power per Carrier (at antenna connector) 
  • Internal Site Controller with GPS Receiver 
  • Dual or Triple RX Diversity 
  • Internal RF Distribution System 
  • Internal 88-270VAC and -48VDC Power Supply 
  • Ethernet site links 
  • IP20 Indoor Housing (MTS4 has also an external housing version, including backup batteries – only for up to 4 carriers) 
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 to +55°C (without fans) or +60°C (with fans) 
  • Optional Redundant System Controller (MTS4) 
  • Optional n+1 Base Radio Redundancy 
  • Optional External Battery Backup (charged by the PS)

Dimetra Express is Reliable 

  • Redundant Master Site server (local or geographical redundancy) 
  • Redundant Base Station components

Besides the TETRA system itself, we can provide a complete set of applications as defined by the customers’ operational needs:

  • TETRA Dispatcher positions (up to 10)
  • Fleet Management 
  • Automatic Vehicle Location 
  • Automatic Person Location 
  • Asset Management 
  • Image & Slow Scan Video 
  • Biometrics (Fingerprint and Retinal Scan) 
  • Telemetry 
  • Database Queries
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