GAI-Tronics ILD1000A


GAI-Tronics ILD1000A – Local Deskset

The ILD1000A Local Deskset connects directly to a base station or repeater and can control radios up to 360 m away. Enhanced productivity and system flexibility is obtained by connecting several desksets to a single radio via a junction box.

Features include: 

  • Selectable Latching Monitor 
  • Multiple Parallel Deskset Support 
  • Intercom 
  • Selectable Parallel Transmit Audio Mute 
  • Selectable Off-Hook Monitor 
  • Selectable Local Speaker 
  • Front-Panel Audio Mute/Unmute 
  • Adjustable Audio Receive Input and Transmit Output Levels 
  • Full-Duplex Capable 
  • Built-In Microphone and Speaker
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