GAI-Tronics IPE2500A


GAI-Tronics IPE2500A – Advanced Tone Remote Deskset

The IPE2500A Tone Remote Deskset is capable of controlling up to 16 radio channels via a leased or private phone line using standard EIA function tones. A Tone Remote Adapter, is required between the radio and the deskset.

Features include: 

  • Programmable 16-Channels / Function Control 
  • Monitor & Intercom 
  • Programmable Quick Pages, Aliases & Group Paging 
  • Multiple Parallel Deskset Support 
  • Selectable Parallel Transmit Audio Mute 
  • 2-Line Adjustable LCD Display 
  • DTMF Encode/Decode 
  • Full Duplex Capability 
  • Adjustable Receive Input and Transmit Output Levels 
  • Line Receive and Transmit Compression 
  • External Connection for Accessory Microphone 
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