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AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locations) solutions based on GPS (Global Positioning System) are widely offered by many manufacturers world wide.

A.I.R.’s SafeMobile™ solution is trying to make a difference by offering not only an intelligent and effective fleet management tool but also tirelessly focusing its applications to improve transportation safety.

Vehicle safety. Cargo safety. Passenger safety. Driver safety. SafeMobile envisions a secure, global transportation infrastructure that is intelligent, interlinked, and interactive.

Imagine a world in which potential threats are identified and averted. Imagine knowing

  • where vehicles are at all times
  • when vehicles will arrive at their destinations
  • what routes drivers actually take
  • how in-vehicle systems are functioning
  • which vehicles are in need of maintenance
  • who your safest drivers are
  • how much each route is costing
  • whether the vehicle or container integrity has been compromised
  • if an emergency situation is developing

Imagine a world in which you are able to remotely activate or de-activate the vehicle or its internal systems as a result of that knowledge.

Now imagine that this world is available today. It is. Welcome to SafeMobile® offering you Mobile Asset Management System (MAMS) over existing wireless networks.

A.I.R.’s SafeMobile™ solutions allow you to monitor and control your mobile assets – anywhere in the world – with a PC and Internet connection.


  • Enhance safety of vehicles, cargo, and passengers
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Reduce pilferage
  • Manage fleets more efficiently
  • Operates over Cellular (GSM/GPRS), Conventional Radio, MPT1327, Digital Radio (TETRA, MOTOTRBO), and Satellite (VISTAR) wireless networks.

And there are also solutions for locating people, as TETRA and MOTOTRBO portable radios equipped with GPS receivers are now available.

SafeMobile® is a Motorola TETRA System Application Partner, its solutions being tested on Motorola DIMETRA systems with Motorola and Sepura mobile and portable TETRA terminals.

SafeMobile® is also a Motorola MOTOTRBO System Application Partner, its SafeDispatch™ solution allowing a PC operator to fully control a MOTOTRBO radio as a voice dispatcher, combined with the location application that can be used for vehicles and people.

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