Facilitate Economic Development, Increase Public Safety, and Forge Stronger Communities with MESH WiFi Networks 

AIR’s MESH solutions enables mobile broadband and position/location applications, including metro area, mobile broadband for first responders and other agencies as well as ad hoc wireless broadband for tactical connectivity.  Mesh Wide Area Networks are self-forming, so nodes automatically power up and self-integrate into the system.

Solution components deliver:

  • Robust connectivity even in dynamic outdoor environments
  • High capacity networks that deliver data rates of 300 Mbps
  • Mobile connectivity for vehicle mounted modems, delivering reliable wireless communications at speeds of 300+ km/h.

Typical Applications:

  • Fixed Camera Connectivity
  • Campus Surveillance
  • Mobile Office
  • Database Access
  • Tele-medicine / Remote Biometrics
  • Remote Facility Security
  • Incident / Event Management
  • eTicketing
  • Licence Plate Recognition
  • Criminal Database Access
  • Smart Parking
  • Traffic Control & Optimization
  • Water Tower and Lift Station Monitoring
  • Public and Private WiFi
  • River / Stream Pollution Monitoring
  • VoIP
  • Facility Management, etc.
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