R8100 – Portable Communications System Analyzer

Whenever you have to maintain, repair or calibrate in the field two-way radio equipment, the new R8100 ultra-light weight (only 7.2kg) Communications System Analyzer is the best solution for your Service Department. Its internal battery (which lasts 1.5 hours) allows R8100 to be used anywhere.

With the functionality of more than a dozen separate test instruments and having high performance parameters the R8100 is your ultimate radio test solution. It’s “Dual Display” function allows to see carrier signal and demodulated audio simultaneously.

Optionally, it can be used for measuring different digital radio types (MOTOTRBO, TETRA, P25,etc.) or for their automated measurement (on several preset frequencies). R8100 can also be remotely controlled, by using its Ethernet connection.

Frequency range:

  • 250kHz to 1GHz (or to 3GHz – optional)

The R8100  Communications System Analyzer performs tests normally associated with the following instruments:

  • RF Signal Generator
  • Tracking Generator
  • Sensitive Measurement Receiver
  • Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer
  • “Dual Display” Mode
  • Duplex Offset Generator
  • Cable Fault Locator
  • RF Frequency Counter
  • AC/DC Voltmeter
  • 50 kHz Oscilloscope
  • RF Wattmeter
  • Signal Strength Meter
  • Frequency Error Meter
  • SINAD Meter
  • Distortion Meter
  • Sweep Generator
  • Audio Generator
  • Modulation Analyzer
  • Signaling Simulator

OPTIONAL test capabilities:

  • 3 GHz Operation
  • Remote Front Panel
  • Return Loss/VSWR Bridge
  • DMR (MOTOTRBO) Test Mode
  • TETRA Subscriber/Base Station Test Mode
  • P25 Conventional Test Mode
  • P25 Trunking Test Mode
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