SL2600 – The new small size digital radio 

Based on SL1600’s ultra-slim and rugged profile, with virtual 2-line OLED display and navigation keypad, the SL2600 radio is an ideal working partner. The radio has all the features of the 2000 series, being able to work (optionally) in any MOTOTRBO system, but it also has Bluetooth and (optionally) Wi-Fi, allowing indoor location or operation in Wave systems too. The TX power is limited to 3W in digital mode and 2W in analog one.

Frequency range: 
         •  VHF (136-174MHz)
         •  UHF (403-480MHz)

        •  256 Channels Capacity
        •  OLED B&W Virtual Display – 2-line alphanumeric
        •  Virtual keypad (for menu navigation)
         •  Digital and Analog Operation
        •  Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/25 kHz – on analog channels)
        •  3 Programmable Buttons
        •  MOTOTRBO Signaling System (on digital channels) and MDC1200, Select 5 (on analog channels)
        •  Basic Privacy  (standard), Enhanced Privacy (license based option)
        •  Intelligent Audio (automatic volume adjustment depending on surrounding noise level) 
        •  Voice announcement of channel change and feature activation
        •  Bluetooth 4.0 interface – for use with Bluetooth audio and data devices
        •  Wi-Fi (license based option)
        •  Lone Worker
        •  Channel Scan (including between analog and digital channels)
        •  Can operate in IP Site Connect Systems
        •  Can be software upgraded to operate in Capacity Plus Systems (Single-Site and Multi-Site)
         •  IP54 Environmental Protection 

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