SLR1000 – The Second Generation Low Power MOTOTRBO Repeater

SLR1000 is the newest MOTOTRBO repeater. It has a compact, fanless design and an IP65 protection rating, allowing to be used indoors or outdoors. Its very small dimensions and weight, combined with a rich set of mounting options allow it to be mounted on walls, polls or ceilings. Regardless of its working position, it has a 100% duty cycle for any power between 1 and 10W in the whole temperature range.

SLR1000 can be used both in analog (conventional or MPT1327) or digital systems. It is also ideal for temporary deployments, including single frequency repeater applications for extended communication range between portable radios. Needing a 12VDC supply voltage, it can be easily used in mobile applications but it also has indoor or outdoor AC power supplies. It needs an external duplexer.

Frequency ranges:
• VHF (136-147 MHz)
• UHF (400-527 MHz)

Features included:
• 64 Channels Capacity
• Digital, Analog or Mixed Mode Operation
• Can work as a single frequency repeater (RX on one timeslot and TX on the other one) (license based option)
• Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/25 kHz – on analog channels)
• TX Power: 1-10 W
• Supported duty cycle: 100% (for any TX power)
• Accessory Connector (for connection to various analog devices – in analog and digital mode)
• Ethernet IP Connector
• Operates in IP Site Connect Multi-Site Systems
• Operates in Capacity Plus Single-Site Trunking Systems (license based option)
• Operates in Capacity Plus Multi-Site Trunking Systems (license based option)
• Operates in Capacity Max Trunking Systems (license based option)
• Provides Phone Connections in Digital Mode (license based option)
• 12VDC Operation (AC operation via external power supplies)
• IP65 Rating – Indoor and Outdoor Operation
• External Duplexer

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