SLR5500 – The Second Generation Medium Power Mototrbo Repeater

SLR5500 can be used both in analog (conventional or MPT1327) or digital systems. Has a modular construction with reduced dimmensions (only one rack unit height). As compared to DR3000 (which it replaced) has enhanced RF parameters and a wider range of features.  Includes the AC power supply (100-240V) with battery backup but needs an external duplexer.

Frequency range:
• VHF (136-174MHz)
• UHF (400-470MHz)

Features included:
• 64 Channels Capacity
• Digital, Analog or Mixed Mode Operation
• Can work as a single frequency repeater (RX on one timeslot and TX on the other one) (license based option)
• Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/25 kHz – on analog channels)
• TX Power: 1-50 W
• Supported duty cycle: 100% (for any TX power)
• Accessory Connector (for connection to various analog devices – in analog and digital mode)
• Ethernet IP Connector
• Operates in IP Site Connect Multi-Site Systems
• Operates in Capacity Plus Single-Site Trunking Systems (license based option)
• Operates in Capacity Plus Multi-Site Trunking Systems (license based option)
• Operates in Capacity Max Trunking Systems (license based option)
• Provides Phone Connections in Digital Mode (license based option)
• 100-240 Vca, 47-63 Hz Operation
• Battery revert in the event of a site power failure
• External Duplexer

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