The Telex C-Soft software console is a Microsoft Windows application that enables a PC with a full duplex sound card and a network connection to monitor and control two-way radios that are connected to the network.

The C-Soft package is fully compatible with popular touch screen monitors. Telex offers an adapter (ADHB-4) that allows standard desk microphone, headset and footswitch control of the PC dispatch station. Standard PC audio devices are also supported.

The software console is entirely user configurable by creating a custom dispatch screen with only those elements required by the end user. Dispatchers with differing requirements can be given different screen designs.

The C-Soft console can be ordered with 2, 6, 12, 24, 50, 100, 150 or 200 lines. The line capacity can also be increased later.

Features include: 

  • Optional PC with Windows Operating System, Full Duplex Sound and Ethernet Connection (called NEXUS)
  • Optional LCD Display (Touch-screen recommended) 
  • Compatible with the IP-223 and IP-224 IP Remote Adapters 
  • Signaling/Paging Encoder Supports MDC1200, DTMF, Two-Tone, 5/6-Tone, etc. 
  • Simplex/Full Duplex Operation 
  • SIP telephony connections – 2 lines standard, expandable to 6 or 12
  • Multiple Simultaneous Crosspatch Groups 
  • Group Select 
  • Parallel TX Detect 
  • IRR (Instant Recall Recorder) – tracks the last 10 min. on both Selected and Unselected lines
  • Multiple Vocoders
  • Wide Range of Audio Accessories (Handset/Headset, Desk Mic, Footswitch), connected via the ADHB-4 audio interface
  • Special Interfaces for controlling: MOTOTRBO™ Systems with Mapping, Motorola Smartnet/Smartzone, Kenwood NEXEDGE, Icom IDAS, TETRA (Hytera/PowerTrunk/Sepura), iDEN, P25, etc.
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