Methanol Hybrid Power for Defence


Hybrid power supply solutions for portable, mobile and fixed systems with very high energy density (metanol = 1400Wh/kg vs 120Wh/kg = Li-Ion battery). It is an ideal solution for replacing huge volume and weight of classical batteries or diesel generators. Is based on fuel cell with methanol which generates electrical power, is eco-friendly, maintenance free and provides a high power authonony. The solution provides 12/24/48VDC (depends on version),  output power of 25/50/125/500W (depends on version) and requires a buffer batery, as shown in the first picture.

The big number of delivered systems and NATO certifications assure quality and reliability in tactical fields and not only. All equipments are specially designed for field work according to MIL 810 certification.

The solution ensures a significant reduction in the weight of the equipent transported in the field and last but not least it doesn’t have a thermal footprint.

The solution accepts solar panels interconnection for providing very high power authonomy.

•  Output voltage: 12/24/48VDC (depends on version)
•  Output current: 2.1/6.5/10.4/20.8A (depends on version)
•  Operating temperature: -32°C ÷ +65°C
•  Weight (depending on version): 1.7/3.3/12.5/32kg (rack mount) except methanol cartridge
•  Eco-friendly, small amount of water vapor and CO2
•  Maintenance free
•  Remote alarms transmitting (e.g. “Low Fuel Alarm”)
•  Fully certified to be transported by auto/air/navy
•  NATO  and MIL810 certified


– Electronic systems with high power supply authonomy were the classic batteries weight is critical
– Portable radiocommunication systems with high authonomy (JENNY 600S, JENNY 1200)
– Mobile/fixed radiocommunication systems with high authonomy (JENNY 1200, EMILY 3000)
– Video surveilance covert systems (trailer solution, EMILYCube2500)
– Temporary video surveilance systems (trailer solution, EMILYCube2500))
– Mobile systems for monitoring and measurements (JENNY 1200, EMILY 3000, EMILYCube2500)
– Fixed systems for monitoring and measurements (outdoor rack)
– Temporary radio repeaters (trailer solution, EMILYCube2500)
– Mobile Command and Control Centers – does not require engine start for supplying energy

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